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Goat and Lamb 101


Do you raise goat or lamb for direct market and would like to know more about cuts, culture and cooking of your animals?  Any bit of extra knowledge could tip the balance of sale versus no sale in your favor.  Come and join the discussion about how to best showcase your livestock.

Whole Animal Butchery—5/15/24

  • This class will be a butchery demo and discussion about cuts and how to best use them when cooking.  We will talk about ways to sell goat and lamb to a wide range of audiences, and different cultural expectations and desires that play into selling these animals.  Finally, we will talk through how to work with your local locker to get the most out of your processing. 


    Want to spend the night? Reserve our whole Barn-House, a bedroom (or two), or our tiny house!  


    The $65 class will be followed by a complimentary light lunch featuring goat dishes will be provided to give you some ideas on how these meats can shine if cooked properly. This class is intended for farmers, ranchers, but is open to the general public.

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