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Join us for an introduction to the art of sausage-making! 


Chef, butcher and farmer, John Hogeland will lead you in a light hearted and entertaining foray, as we create sausages sourced both from Whippoorwill Creek Farm and from 99 Counties, an Iowa company who sources pasture raised products from around the state of Iowa.

Sausage Making Class--Sun 8/4/24

  • The class will last about 3 hours (including time to eat!) and will consist entirely of hands-on instruction.  We will cover all the basics and give some best-kept secrets to producing sausage so good that your friends will line up at the grill at your next cook out. 


    You'll also learn about our farming practices and why it is important to source the very best meats for your recipes. 


    And of course, we will eat sausage, talk about how to use them in your recipes, and send you along with some to cook at home!

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