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A good steak is a wonderful thing, but it is the sauces that really make the world go round. 


Come to the farm and learn classic and modern sauces from a trained chef with ingredients straight from the garden!  Then enjoy your handiwork over dinner with our own grass finished beef!  (Is this Provence?  No, It's Whippoorwill Creek Farm!)



Steaks and Sauces - Sat, 7/23/24

  • In this class we will start with how to make an excellent stock. Then we will cook our way into classic sauces and more contemporary offerings, delicious on steaks and so much more. As dinner approaches, we will talk about different steak options in the marketplace.   


    We will also compare steaks and how our creations might work on different cuts, discussing the pros and cons of each.


    When the sauces are ready and appetites are primed, we will season and grill the steaks, then enjoy them  over dinner with our own saucey handiwork.

  • The class runs from 4 to 7ish.  Please be a few minutes early so that we can get started on time.   The class will be held at Whippoorwill School, 5655 120th street, Lovilia, Iowa 50150.

    Want to spend the night? Reserve our whole Barn-House, a room (or two) or stay in our tiny house!  

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