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Good for the planet, the animals, and your kids.

Plus, the food we raise tastes great

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Photo by Rob Mattson/Noble Research 

Driving around Iowa is an eye opener.


There it is, everywhere--corn and beans, corn and more corn. But this has left us with polluted waterways, high cancer rates and unhealthy foods for our kids.


 That's why we are excited to do things differently, to bring you beef, goats and veggies without the sprays and chemicals, the GMO corn or soybeans.


​​​Buying from Whippoorwill Creek Farm connects you to the things that matter: feeding our families delicious and nutritious food, creating jobs in our community and making sure Iowa's land is healthy for our great-great-great grandkids.

Our customers are a critical part of the farm, making what we do possible.


We hope you will join us.

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