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Buying Your Family Beef + Goat
Buying our Iowa-raised, pasture-grazed beef and goats connects you to the things that matter: feeding our families nutritious food, creating jobs in our community and making sure Iowa's land is healthy for our great-great-great grandkids.

How much does grass-finished beef cost?

We sell beef by the "bundle" and by the 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef.

Beef bundles

Our 10 pound bundle is $150 and includes approximately:

  • 5 pounds ground beef

  • a 2-3 pound roast or stew meat

  • 2 pounds of steaks

Our 25 pound bundle is $325 and includes approximately:

  • 10 pounds of ground beef

  • three, 3 pound roasts or stew meat

  • 6 pounds of steak

  • 2 packages of beef bones or

  • offal if desired (heart, tongue, liver and / or tallow) while available

Ground beef bundle:

  • 10 pounds for $90

  • 30 pounds for $240

Dog goodie bundle $40:

  • Two packages beef bones (about 8 bones total)

  • Two packages ground beef

  • One package Beef liver

Yes, I am interested in buying beef!
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Bundles will be available for pick up at the farm, or we will deliver for a $10 charge to the Des Moines metro area when we are headed to DSM.

Individual cuts, bones and offal are available for pick up on the farm.

What about 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef?

The most economical way to purchase our beef is by the 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef. We charge $3.65 (whole beef), $3.80 (half beef), $3.95 (quarter beef), $4.10 (eighth beef) per pound hanging weight for your share, plus the locker processing fees (we use the Milo Locker) and any delivery fees.

The grand total of your beef will come out to somewhere around $7.50-8 a pound for the amount of beef you take home. Considering you get steaks, roasts and ground beef, this comes out to a much more economic deal than buying at the grocery store. And it is of much better quality and higher nutritional value.

We will deliver your 1/4, 1/2 and whole beef in Des Moines or comparable distances (up to 1 hour from Lovilia, Iowa) for a $75 charge.

How do you calculate the cost for a quarter, half or whole animal?

If your calf's live weight is 1100 pounds, the hanging weight (minus head, hide, feet and entrails) should come out to about 60% of the total weight, or 670 pounds. The hanging weight is the basis of what you are charged by us and Milo.

Yet once the butchers are done trimming excess fat and bones, your take "home weight" is closer to the following: 

  • Whole – take home weight** ~ 450 lb. comes to $2900, or, with the processing charges, about $6.45 per take home pound**

  • Half - take home weight** ~ 225 lb. comes to $1500, or, with the processing charges, about $6.67 per take home pound**

  • Quarter - take home weight** ~ 112 lb. comes to $775, or, with the processing charges, about $6.90 per take home pound*


** These numbers are estimates. You can (and we hope you will), take home your bones, fat and variety meats (tongue, heart and such) which can seriously reduce your per pound price for the beef.

How does the process work?

1. First, inquire about purchasing beef, either by filling out the form below, or by emailing John at You can also call him at 641-218-8480.

2. Review our upcoming processing dates with John and find one to fit your needs.

3. Reserve your place by sending in a $100 deposit.

4. John will then get in touch with you a few weeks before the cattle are dropped off at Milo. At this point you can:

  • ​work directly with Milo in selecting your cuts. 

  • OR you can discuss how to have your beef cut with John - an artisanal butcher and chef. John can talk you through many of the decisions and make cooking recommendations. John will then pass on your cut requests to Milo. 

  • Finally, your beef can be delivered for $50, or you can pick it up yourself at Milo.

All of the meat is wrapped for you and delivered frozen.

What about goats?

Fill out the form above or call John at 641-891-4950.

I have other questions not covered here. What do I do?

If you have questions about the beef, this process or anything else about the farm you can also call and chat with John at 641-891-4950.  


And if your freezer is full but you would like to be on our mailing list for beef in the future, please fill out the form below as well and we will contact you.


Thank you for your support!  

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