John and Beth moved to the farm from San Francisco in 2019.  John is the 5th generation Hogeland to farm the land in Iowa.  The Whippoorwill Creek runs through the farm and we adopted the name as an acknowledgement that we are simply caretakers of the land and are not the only, or most important, living beings here.

Beth Hoffman has been reporting on food and agriculture for more than twenty years, airing on NPR, The World, Latino USA, Living on Earth, and others. She blogged for Forbes as the Hungry Hack and studied the food system in depth as a student, fellow and co-lecturer at UC Berkeley’s School of Journalism. She has completed several documentary projects including a year cooking with immigrant women in their homes and telling their stories. She was an Associate Professor in Media Studies at the University of San Francisco for six years and is now writing a book about the economics of farming, told through the story of moving to the farm. You can reach her at

John Hogeland grew up on the farm in Iowa, trained as a chef and butcher, and also recently learned carpentry.  He worked for Whole Foods for 11 years (5 of which were as a butcher) and was the Head of Commercial Sales at Prather Ranch Meat Company. He teaches butchery classes and team building events and can be reached at