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Its Saturday Already

It is already Saturday and we have not gotten a post up for this "Farm Friday." So much is going on that I don't even know where to start.

We arrived back to Iowa this week after I spent a month in San Francisco trying to deal with our house. Now the house in San Francisco is for sale, as is the car (thanks David, for dealing with it). We packed up everything, put it into a truck and headed across the country.

Moving truck full of crap
Something I hope to never do again - move ourselves across country.

The trip went well - John convinced me to listen to Game of Thrones, after years of shutting him down and refusing to watch the show. Turns out it is pretty great after all, not all blood and gore and men fighting as I feared. The rental truck was uncomfortable, but easy enough to drive. We took some photos along the way (Haven, this is for you).

Me with rabbit ears and nose.
The stupid things you do on a 30 hour drive.

Now we are in Iowa and things are looking up. I am finishing a book proposal, using our journey to talk about the economics of agriculture. The hope is to make a podcast too so you can hear the calming sounds of rural life too. Now, the days are cooler, the light less pounding, and the kittens growing like weeds.

So we missed Friday (yesterday), but not because things are too stressful to sit down and write, as they were the week before. Next week, we will have more to share.

Thanks for reading and for caring about our journey.

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The kittens are adorable but can’t quite compare to you Beth, in yr bunny get up. We all stand and stare at the now empty house that was once full of you kids and yr shenanigans and feel so much loss. We’re keeping dinner warm for you and a light on in the kitchen, theoretically of course

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