Spring 2021 Grass-Finished Beef

Our first beef are almost ready!

The list below outlines prices for our quarter, half and whole beef which will be available late March and April 2021.  If you are looking for less beef, let us know on the form below and we will see if we can get a group together to split a quarter, half or whole.  Please let us know by January 10, 2021 if you are interested in beef this spring. 

We will travel up to four hours to deliver (but will charge a delivery fee for less than whole animals).

Now on to the prices...

There are two ways of looking at the cost of buying a whole, half or quarter beef.  If you have never purchased one before, we have totaled the costs into one handy price that includes our cost and the processing, and is for the total weight of beef you will take home ("take home weight").  This "take home" price does not include the excess bones and fat included in "hanging weight."  We very much encourage you to take home your bones and fat (perhaps for your canine friend or to make stock and soap). Doing this will lower your per pound price. 

All that said, if your calf's live weight is 1100 pounds, the hanging weight (minus head, hide, feet and entrails) should come out to about 670 pounds.  Once the butchers are done trimming excess fat and bones, your final share of meat and the price - which includes the cost of the animal and processing - should be close to the following: 


  • Whole – take home weight** ~ 450 lb. comes to $2900, or about $6.45 per take home pound**

  • Half - take home weight** ~ 225 lb. comes to $1500, or about $6.67 per take home pound**

  • Quarter - take home weight** ~ 112 lb. comes to $775, or about $6.90 per take home pound**


** Again, these numbers are estimates.  You can and we hope you will, take home your bones, fat and variety meats (tongue, heart and such). 


The second way of looking at the price, especially if you have purchased a whole, half or quarter beef before, is that we are charging $3.50, $3.65 and $3.80 a pound hanging weight for your share, plus the locker processing fees (we are using the Milo Locker)

Once you place your order, you will work with us and / or the locker (whichever you prefer) to decide how you would like your cuts.  All of the meat is cut and wrapped for you and delivered frozen.

If you have questions about the beef, this process or anything else about the farm you can also call and chat with John at 641-891-4950.  


Thank you for all of your support, and if you would like to be on our mailing list for beef in the future, please fill out the form below as well and we will contact you

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