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A Week in the Life (in Photos)

A picture is worth a thousand is a sampling of what our week was like in photos.

Let's start with the kittens (because who doesn't love kittens?). There are always cats on the farm - people drop them off and they multiply like rabbits in the summer. At the moment there are 7 kittens and this batch of 3 are some of the healthiest and strongest.

Then there are the goats. Lucas (our nephew) got two this week! The bearded one is J-Lo (yes, J-Lo) and the black and white one is Oreo (super original). The pair are escape artists and have gotten out of every pen and off of every leash we have thus tried. Once we figure out how to contain them, they will also do a valuable service on the farm, eating weeds like poison ivy (pictured in the center photo). We hope to add to their number next year and develop a team of weed eaters we can graze around the farm.

John, Lucas and Hookie (a neighbor with one leg!) got the old Ford 960 tractor started after 10 years+ sitting out in the yard with grass growing around it. This small tractor will be a welcome addition - one I will be able to drive to mow the orchard and do other farm tasks.

We also harvested some of the oats this week. We were advised oats were a good crop to grow while transitioning to organic as they would make us some money and allow the other grasses and legumes (used for hay, to harvest later) to grow better. But our oats experiment did not really pan out. The weight of the oats (which is how companies determine the quality of the oats) is too low. This is a huge challenge in places like southern Iowa - there are a lot of other grains we might grow aside from corn and soybeans, but not many for which there is a market.

We also went chantrelle mushroom hunting, and sold the mushrooms to a restaurant in Des Moines. Chantrelles grow during most of the summer here on the farm. You might notice in the video our home is now officially called "Whippoorwill Creek Farm" (named after the creek that runs through it).

Last, but certainly not least, we got a new door for the tiny house. (The door is square, the house is not.) Our wonderful friend Ruben - the first friend to travel by plane to see us - came to help us out, and worked to put in the door (thanks Ruben!)

All this and more happened this week on the farm. Thanks for following along with our progress!

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Love this, Beth and John! Only thing I'd love more is to see photos of you, Beth. I want to see my friend's face as she embarks upon this wonderful, challenging and very real adventure. Are you really there, in Iowa?? Also, with my inevitable promotions hat on, I know people like to see people, so as I introduce others to your new farmer experience, I want to share your face in the moments that you're sharing so powerfully with us.

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