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Add to Your Grill Repetoire

Its almost mid-August--can you believe it! Too hot for inside cooking (except for this weird week!!). But bored of the same old, same old on the grill? Time to add a few new dishes to the grill repertoire.

Our Summer Beef Bundles are full of easy to prepare cuts and ground beef, perfect for the grill on a late summer or early fall evening. But we are including cuts you might not have thought about for BBQing, cuts that can be easy to prepare for dinner and bring to work or school the next day.

  • "Stew meat" is great for marinating overnight (to soften the meat) and used as kabobs

  • Beef ribs can be cooked on a charcoal or gas grill on low heat for a "fall off the bone" BBQ treat

  • London broil cut from the top round (also known as "round steak") is delicious when grilled medium rare with your favorite seasonings and sliced thin for cold roast beef sandwiches.

A sample of what your 5lb bundle might look like (note that the Milo Locker is our processor and all of our beef is marked with their labels)

Be sure to get our beef bundles while supplies last!!

Our 10 lb Summer Beef Bundle Sampler includes*:

  • 5 pounds ground beef

  • About 2 pounds grilling steaks

  • About 3 pounds of alternate grilling cuts (mentioned above)

  • A recipe card detailing how to best cook alternative cuts


Our 25 lb Summer Beef Bundle includes*:

  • 12-14 pounds ground beef

  • 5-6 pounds grilling steaks

  • 7-9 pounds of alternative grilling cuts (mentioned above)

  • A recipe card detailing how to best cook alternative cuts

  • A package of beef bones (not pictured)

  • A package of offal if desired (not pictured)


We will be delivering to Des Moines in the evening of August 15th and 30th or you can visit the farm for a free tour with your bundle purchase.

Beef Bundles are a great way to try out our beef without buying an entire 1/4 beef. We look forward to you learning more about our farm and the high quality (and tastiness) of our beef.

Place your order by emailing us at or call John at 641-891-4950. Or you can fill out the order form on the page below.

Thank you!

Beth and John

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