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So Two Bulls Walk Into a Pasture...(video)

The Red Devon Bull finally gets in with the cows

We moved the bulls in with the cows today, their dreams of being the only reproductively-capable males in a pasture with 30 females finally come true. The two of them have been alone since they arrived on our farm in June, their testosterone left simmering in a far away pasture devoid of feminine energy. The older one is three, the father of some of our littlest calves, the younger is a horny one-year old who will be lucky if he is big enough to mount any cow out there. Both are Red Devons we bought last summer, genetically predisposed to be smaller cattle than our Angus cows, but a better breed to finish on grass.

So now it's show time, time for their sperm to do its thing. They will be in with the herd for about 6 months, as the cows will begin to give birth in just over 9 months from today. Those of you who are interested and organized, mark your calendars and keep a weather eye out for calves popping forth 283 days from today.

Yet you might at this point also be asking yourself - "So how much does a bull cost?" considering how much time they spend away from the cows, and all of the special attention they need. Lucky for you, we made this video to shed some light on the topic.

Very special thanks to Riley Evans, without whom we would not have this video today.

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