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Tiny House Living

We weathered the first big weather in our tiny house. An Iowa sized storm, not like those sissy mountain or coastal storms. Storms in Iowa are ferocious and last night the skies opened up and poured down buckets. It sounded like we had a hundred angry giants hurling tubs of water onto the tin roof.

A screen shot from My Radar
A screen shot from My Radar app in the middle of the storm at 5:30 in the morning

Although thunder rumbled the house and the skies lit up with lightning, we stayed snug and dry in our tiny loft.

The storm reminded me that we have not shared many photos of the house since we began construction (check out the old photos of the house when we began here). We have done weeks of work on the house, and it is actually looking great. It is also very comfortable, functional, and aside from cooking full blown meals in it, we are living in it full time now.

Red shed converted into a tiny house.
Tiny House early morning.

This red shed was built on the farm in about 1983, John says. The day they finished it there was a town nearby flattened by a tornado. More good karma, no?

The interior is cozy. The ceiling is made of siding from the "old Hogeland house," a beautiful two story farm house that is about to fall over (literally).

The interior of the tiny house.
The interior of the tiny house. You can see the sleeping loft up above.

I had feared the loft would feel like a coffin and I would be claustrophobic. Luckily, there is plenty of room and sleeping up there is delicious.

Our cozy sleeping loft.
Our cozy sleeping loft. The photo of me jumping for joy on a beach in New Zealand is used to block out the one and only street light in the area.

Tiny House kitchen
The kitchen in the Tiny House. We have no running water, but we bought this super cool water filter that just sits on top of a 4 gallon water bottle. Washing dishes still feels a bit clunky, but we are figuring it all out.

We made the kitchen "counter" out of cottonwood lumber that John's dad had milled years ago.

Interior of Tiny House
The two seater couch fits perfectly in the Tiny House and is really comfortable too.

So where do we pee and poop? Right here in the tiny house! This toilet is built by Separett, and we actually love it.

The composting toilet.
The bathroom needs a wall and door! But the toilet is a composting toilet and to our amazement it actually does not smell AT ALL. As in, not a hint of smell. We utilize the pee by adding water and watering plants - it is high in nitrogen, potassium and phosporus in just the same ratios fertilizer is. We have yet to deal with the poop. Stay tuned...

Now, all we need are some tables. I sanded and varnished a beautiful piece of reclaimed ash wood that John and Harrison milled last fall (you can read about that too, here) and also some shelves we will put up as soon as the brackets arrive. I will be sure to post those photos soon too.

Our journey continues!

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3 comentários

22 de jun. de 2019

Very cool! i am glad you guys are settling in! The Incas pooped without water too!


22 de jun. de 2019

I loved the memories evoked by your big Iowa storm, 30 years ago this summer while bicycle touring a Ross the US, I experienced a BIG Iowa storm. We were planning to camp in a county Park but a local we had met earlier came to our camp to invite us to sleep in his big farmhouse due to the tornado warning. We watched the massive storm from the comfort and relative security of Dell"s house. I have never expetianced such a storm or such a sense of gratitude since.


sasha stiles
sasha stiles
21 de jun. de 2019

love your tiny house and the history of all the wood. How DO you cook? ...pies? and store cold stuff?

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