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What's the Deal with Antibiotics + Livestock?

This week we feature a video by Ryan McCabe, a talented Media Studies student at the University of San Francisco. In the video, he breaks down how and why livestock are feed antibiotics and the issues with the practice.

Some important take aways from the video?

  • When too many animals are put together in one space, it causes stress and disease.

  • Despite growing evidence since the late '60's that antibiotic use in animal feed is causing dangerous resistance in bacteria, the FDA has still not banned the practice.

  • Bacterial resistance to antibiotics can be spread to other bacteria through air, soil and water and into the human community from the farm.

  • 70-80% of the antibiotics that are 'medically important' for humans are currently also being used for livestock production, weakening or even eliminating their effectiveness for human use

  • Current estimates by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) are that two million people annually are infected by antibiotic resistant bacteria and that 23,000 of those die annually. Some studies suggest that these numbers may actually be much higher.

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