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Why Buy Pasture-Raised Meats?

John and I had the great pleasure of appearing on the Iowa Farmers Union Lunch and Learn series this past week, talking about why it is important for people to purchase pasture-raised meats, how to find farms near you to buy from, and, perhaps most importantly, how to cook it. The video of the talk is at the end of this post.

Consumers are part of our ecosystem here at the farm––without people buying our products we simply can't afford to farm. There is no way we can take care of the land, move cattle and goats every day or grow vegetables if we don't sell what comes from the land.

Cattle on lush green pastures

In other words, buying pasture-raised meats or locally raised veggies is one small step toward making the planet a better place––It is creating the kind of world you want to live in. At a time when it feels like so much is going wrong, it is nice to play a part in something going right. We are connected through this farm, not only to the land––but to each other.

Check out the video if you have time––it is about 30 minutes long. You can even skip to the parts about how to cook different beef cuts, if that is more your jam.

And if you are interested in buying pasture-raised beef from us or are just curious about the process, drop us a line. John is the Dear Abby of Beef––he’ll chat it up with you about your roast issues or steak problems any day.

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