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Be the Cow

My cattle are amazing.  I guess I don't mean just my cattle, probably cattle in general, but my cattle are the ones I know. So...My cattle are amazing.

Day in and day out, their stoicism in the face of the weather, lack of green grass, boggy fields, too many flies, rain, sun, heat, cold, wet, dark and even hail, could serve as a model for the US postal system.

I check them twice a day this time of year as  calves arrive - sometimes three or four times if things seem like things might be going amiss, and always there they are, standing together in small groups, seemingly perfectly fine,

whatever the current weather is.  They watch each others calves, watch their own, push each other around, lick each other, stand companionably close, eat together, argue over who has salt and water first, find shelter and always move toward better pastures, leaders and followers, elders and youth alike, together.

They have their differences, certainly, but the good of the herd is the over riding theme because the good of the herd is required for the good of the individual.

These times are testing our human herd and will, unfortunately, thin it.  But if we can live like my cows, we will get through.

Be good to each other, look out for each other, understand that there is muck and mire in this life, but a little stoicism will get you through and that getting through is the point. There will be flies and too much heat, but in sticking together we are better off than trying to go it alone.  Better pasture will come at some point.  We are who we are and will argue and complain, but the sum of our similarities is far greater than the sum of our differences.  Remember that.

Be the cow.

Be the cow.

Be the cow.

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sasha stiles
sasha stiles
Mar 20, 2020

I am a cow!

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