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On the Lighter Side

There are moments when hope escapes us, when we just can't see anything good in this world of ours. Last week, I was in that place when the shooting happened in Texas and in response, I wrote the commentary about guns. It was important, but it left me feeling empty and bereft.

The great thing about the farm is that there are always small gifts that fill me with wonder - sometimes capable of filling a little of that void that the larger world's inhumanity engenders. So here, in pictures are some of the beautiful things that happened this week which make me believe again that despite the ugliness, beauty remains.


New kittens can make anyone smile

Mama Kat gave birth to six kittens about ten days ago. This week they opened their eyes, and we can now pick them up.


This wild swarm of bees were out looking for a new residence, having separated from the original hive when it got too big for it's home. Bees are on the rebound on our farm, and it was amazing to see them do their thing.


The grass is lush and the world is green. The cattle are loving it.


Last, but certainly not least, JLo the Goat surprised us with the birth of the dang cutest kid you ever have seen. JLo is a Nigerian Dwarf, and the baby is soft and fuzzy, and about the size of small cat. We are trying to come up with a good name for him - any ideas? Leave a name in the comments and if we choose yours, you will win a free audiobook copy of Beth's book Bet the Farm.

Jlo horning in on the baby's first photo op

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Benji (short for Bennifer) the Baby Goat or Kid Rock


Unknown member
Jun 11, 2022



Thanks for sharing the joys of farm life! Baby animals and happy cows always make me smile. That baby goat is the perfect mini me to his mama. How about the name “Gigi“ which was Jlo’s first movie.


What a gorgeous farm. The picture of JLo and baby tremendous.

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